Water additives - trace elements for the marine water aquarium

There are many important elements for coral growth in the sea in almost unlimited quantities. Due to the limited amount of water in the marine water aquarium, these are often not available in sufficient quantity, especially as coral growth constantly extracts trace elements from the water.
Often, the addition of the essential trace elements via the water change is not sufficient and these deficits must be targeted, balanced by dosing of trace elements to allow strong growth and intense coral colors.

Only by a constant trace element supply in the reef aquarium healthy corals are possible without deficiency in their natural color.

We offer solutions to selectively replenish individual elements (element boron, element calcium, element chromium, element iron, element iodine, element potassium, element copper, element lithium, element magnesium, element manganese, element nickel, element strontium, element zinc etc. )

Or mixtures that cover a wide range, such as Corall A, Corall B, Corall C, etc.

To avoid concentration fluctuations, a daily, sometimes several times daily dosage with our Grotech dosing pumps is optimal.