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Welcome to the new blog of Grotech GmbH


Our aim is to create optimum living conditions for the water inhabitants in an environment which is
very close to nature. We pursue this aim passionately for over 20 years with the development and production of water additives, feeds, filter systems, dosing pumps and various other select products which easily enable the aquarists to realise their dream of a reef, river or pond in their home or garden.
All our products are tested for long time in our head quarters in order to optimize them up to
the best possible. Only if they satisfy our strict high quality requirements, new products are launched to the market. Our uppermost priority is the outstanding quality, easy handling and longevity of our technical
devices and water additives. All this is made possible with the responsiblilty for the living animal in mind, so that these animals can live long and healthy in the aquarium or pond.
Freely after the motto:
All you need for a perfect reef !

A few words about our history:
GroTech Aquarientechnik was founded in 1995 as a mail order company for aquarium accessories. In the beginning the focus was on the development of water additives and technology for the marine aquarium.

Here are a few basic points about the history:

  • 1980: At the age of 14 years Thomas Gross started in his room to care for fish in his first freshwater aquarium with about 60 liters.
  • 1988: First marine water aquarium with approx. 450 litres, which was put together by the specialist dealer. Start of the difficult search for his and his aquarium inhabitants' requirements for water additives and aquarium technology.
  • 1989: Dismantling of the 450 litre marine aquarium including all technology due to dissatisfaction and non-functioning components.The idea was born out of the hobby: Thomas Groß was fed up with not being able to buy the products he felt were necessary for his aquaristic hobby. Since he is a technician and designing engineer by profession, he started to develop his own products. It did not start in the proverbial garage, but in the cellar.
  • 1989: New marine aquarium with approx. 600 litres - self-construction
  • 1991: 2 more marine aquariums, self-construction, together now 1500 liters and start to breed corals and sell them with CITES certification.
  • 1991: Breeding of saltwater fish (Preudochromis)
  • 1991-1994: Experimenting, inventing and constructing the first filter technology, lamps and water additives for own use, extension coral breeding.
  • 1995: Foundation of GroTech Aquarientechnik as a mail order company for aquarium accessories. "GroTech - everything a fish needs!".
  • At the beginning the main focus was put on the marketable development of water additives and technology for the sea water aquarium:
  • 1995: Market launch of the original version of the CoraFix - a completely new product - a coral adhesive on a 2-component basis for fixing soft, leather and hard corals.
  • 1996: Market launch of the original version of Corall A,B,C, "The ABC of successful marine aquaristics" - the ABC-System was born - unique, new and therefore very popular
  • 1996: Thomas Groß recognised the advertising potential of the Internet at an early stage and the first website was created as early as 1996. Of course, computers were used right from the start. Fax still played a major role at that time.  
  • 1990: Years first trademark applications
  • 1997: Production of the first multi-channel dosing pump - Trace-el-controller - for aquaristics. World novelty !
  • 1998: 1st Interzoo - Grotech becomes international
  • 1998: Pump series SLD and Sp, 2-channel extension EPII to Trace-el-controller.
  • 2000: GroTech Aquarientechnik GmbH was established.
  • 2001: we moved into our new production and storage premises in Affalterbach.2007 new building of a warehouse, thereby enlargement of the warehouse capacity by 150%.
  • 2002: Market launch of the dosing pump TEC III NG with up to 7 channels.
  • 2002: Protein skimmer, calcium reactors,
  • 2003: PhytoBreeder - world novelty plankton reactor phytoplankton flow filter, filtering almost like in the sea,
  • 2005: PhytoControl
  • 2006: CoralMarine sea salt, which was soon exported in large quantities worldwide Introduction of the fish food series NutriVital
  • 2007: Construction of an additional own warehouse, thereby increasing the storage capacity by 150%.
  • 2011: after one year of preparation, GroTech has received the status of an AEO/F, the highest security level of the authorized exporter, from the responsible main customs office - worldwide export is thus very much facilitated and further expanded
  • 2012: The product range was expanded to include fresh water and pond products.
  • 2013: NutriVital CrispySoft - Soft granulated food in 3 different varieties.
  • 2014 Due to lack of space and permanent enlargement of our range of products, groundbreaking on the new 32,000 square meters company property for the 1st part of the new GROTECH headquarters in Ahorn.
  • 2014 Sales start of MCS 1
  • 2015 Founding of GROTECH GmbH
  • 2015 Moving into the new company complex with production rooms, ware house and administration building, and thus an increase of the production and storage space by over 400%.
  • 2015 BioPellet Filter (BPR) for internal and external operation.
  • 2016 CoraFix Thermofrag - New coral glue
  • 2016 Skimmer of the PS series with adjustable DC pump.
  • 2016: CoraFix Universal - underwater adhesive and sealant.
  • 2017: MAB - Macro Algae Breeder.
  • 2017: MU1 data acquisition for MCS1
  • 2018: NutriVital Paste Spirulina / Atemia - pasty feed
Meanwhile, GROTECH GmbH supplies world-wide to retailers, wholesalers, zoos and
public aquariums in over 50 countries