Here you can find a wide range of professional aquarium accessories for marine water, fresh water and ponds. We offer all you need for a safe running of your aquarium. Create an environment that is appropriate for your species. Take a look at our high quality products and aquarium equipment. For the well-being of your species we offer professional filter technology, pumps, dosing pumps, measure and control technology, fish food, animal foodstuff, vitamines, water additives, marine salt and much more.  

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Fishes and other water inhabitants who live in a closed ecosystem need the right conditions in order to grow healthy. The need to use high quality aquarium equipment and professional technology is outstanding to get healthy fishes, corals and plants. The ecosystem of an aquarium is composed of the water quality, different water parameters, the right conditions of temperature and light and many other factors. Closed ecosystems like aquariums and ponds need reliable equipment like filters, pumps, care products and water additives.