PhytoStart 500ml !!STORE IN REFRIGERATOR!!

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PhytoStart 500ml - nutrient solution for PhytoBreeder
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Preparation of the plankton culture Nannochloropsis salina::

Please put the culture preparation into the reactor and fill up with salt water.
Then please add the recommended quantity of PhytoFood.
The reactor filling will show the initial colour after few days.
A regular withdrawal of plankton and refilling of the nutrient solution extends the standing time of the culture.

As soon as you have a good growing Phytoplankton culture, you should store a small quantity in a tightly closed container which you put in the refrigerator.
From this portion you can prepare a new one in case of a breakdown of the reactor culture.
A regular withdrawal of plankton and refilling of the nutrient solution extends the standing time of the culture.
Here we recommend the GroTech PhytoBreeder, the Phytoplankton reactor with automatic dosing equipment.

Store in the refrigerator 4-10°C !

Recommendation of the procedure for refilling a PhytoBreeder.
Fill the GROTECH Phytobreeder with approx. 5 liters of freshly mixed seawater with a density of 1.022 to 1.024, as well as the PhytoStart breeding mixture.
Normal soft to medium hard tap water or water from the osmosis plant and sea salt can be used.
At a salinity of 1.022 to 1.024, larger plankton cells of about 10 to 22 microns develop.
If the salinity is too high, the plankton cells would become too small and then cannot be filtered by some corals.
Now add the appropriate amount of GROTECH PhytoFood.
The plankton setup must be very well aerated so that the phytoplankton can absorb enough CO2.
To do this, connect an air pump to the designated connection of the PhytoBreeder and activate the stirrer.
After approx. 1-2 days you will already see how the light green water turns dark green.
After approx. 6-7 days the PhytoFood fertilizer will be completely used up and the deep green phytoplankton will stop growing.
Now the amount can be doubled again with freshly mixed seawater.
Then add again the corresponding amount of PhytoFood.
The phytoplankton should never become too light, otherwise it could fall over.
The optimal nitrate value or the total nitrogen value is 40mg/l to 100mg/l and should not fall below 10mg/l permanently.
You should thoroughly clean the PhytoBreeder approx. every 8 weeks.
To do this, pour the plankton culture into a bucket, clean the vessel and pour the culture back again.
Phytoplankton needs nutrients in the form of nitrogen, phosphates, iron etc. for optimal reproduction. These are optimally contained in GROTECH PhytoFood.


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