Protein skimmer

Most marine aquariums will not work without a protein skimmer.
If the organic load of the aquarium is high due to the feeding and keeping of many fish, a skimmer is an indispensable filter.
Of course, the size of the skimmer must be adjusted to the size of the tank.
The skimmer removes substances such as protein, cellulose, colloids and suspended solids from the water at a time when they have not yet dissolved into their constituents. This means that the bacteria in the aquarium are relieved.

How it works:
Through a pump with Venturi nozzle, a water-air mixture is generated and pressed into the skimmer. Here, the air bubbles rise, on which due to electrical charge protein, cellulose, colloids accumulate and form a foam. The foam rises and is collected in the foam pot and disposed of.